Sunday, March 4, 2012

DIY Nail Polish Rack

Good Chilly Saturday Morning,

I was going to make my rack yesterday but I had a killer migraine all day so I only left couch to take a yummy bubble bath.

I am not proud to say that this is completely ghetto fabulous. I didn't have a good cutting tool so my cuts were jagged. I forgot to ask Lacey for her Exacto. Im glad I dediced to do one at at time and not cut both out. The second one will be looking alot better.

I'm still stoked with it because it will hold 119 polishes and cost me about $7.50 to make plus a little cursing. :-D

Here are the supplies I used:

 Black poster board: Mine was longer than the traditional 30 inches, I believe this was 37 inches.
 Glue Gun
 Glue Sticks
 Cutting Device : I only had a box cutter and too lazy to go to Wal-Mart to get a exacto blade.

Dachshund is not required, though she made the project interesting by trying to eat the foam bits that came off from me cutting. Rotten Baby.

The Process:

I first Measured 5 inches over the entire board. ( This will be the back of the rack and the lines are where I'm going to place the shelves.)

I then measured out 8  2 inch strips, these will be the shelves. How cute is she?

After, I measures and cut out 8, 1 inch strips to be used as the lip on the shelves so the polish can not fall off front.

These were all cut from the same one board

Out of the third board I cut 2, 2inch pieces that were the entire vertical length of the board. These will be used on the sides to prevent polish from falling off there.

So freaking jagged looking but as I went i kinda shaved them down on the carpet there since it is a tight weave and it evened them out a little bit.

I do not have pics cause this was when the cursing started with the glue gun. I HATE the stringy crap that comes from glue guns!

I started glueing the 2 inch shelves on first. I also ran a line of glue on the top and bottom of shelf to further reinforce it.

I then put the long side pieces on. I could not seem to do quick enough since so long but went back also and put glue on inside bits.

The final step was putting on the 1 inch lips for the shelves.

I am super hard on my self but I don't think half bad for my first time and now that I know what to do, the second one will be SO much better.

I'll post pics of that one once I get a better knife.

Thanks for visiting and have a Fantastic Saturday!




    You're so crafty :P

    1. Thanks, I followed a video to make this one. I may on the next one put 4 inches apart instead of 5 cause there is a bunch of space above the bottles and I may be able to get another shelf in too.