Sunday, March 2, 2014

O.P.I Push and Shove Duet Pack Experiment

Hello All!
Happy Sunday! 
I was at Ulta the other day and saw the Gwen Stefani  Duet Pack to create a metallic chrome effect that would have a mirror it claims.
I wondered....Do you HAVE to use the O.P.I  Lay Down the Base base coat?

I found the answer to be no in one instance!

These are the other base coats I used for the experiment.

Pinky Finger: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat
Ring Finger: Nail Life Gripper Basecoat
Middle Finger: Seche Vite Clear Base Coat
Pointer Finger: Beauty Secrets Base Coat

I used the O.P.I Lay Down the Base on the Thumb.

Here is what happened:
Ok so I put a thin coat of all the base coats and let them completely dry.
I then applied two thin coats of the Push and Shove chrome color.

You can definitely see how the color just streak all over the place on my pinky, ring and pointer fingers but check out that ring finger!!

I was shocked to see that the Nail Life Gripper actually allowed the color to be applied evenly.
Here is a side by side of them both

Except for me not catching the actual nails in the focus....they look pretty much the same.
I picked up my bottle of Nail Life Gripper at Sally Beauty Supply.

Above is a close up of the Push and Shove and Lay Down the Base.

They do say on the package that it is intended for one night only wear since you are not supposed to put a top coat on it. 

I hope you enjoyed this experiment and I will catch you all next time!

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