Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Julep Jill Seal Salt Finish Polish and Stamping Test

Hey Everyone!
Happy Tuesday! 

I got this Sea Salt Finish Polish in my Julep Mystery Box and I just had to test out how they are to stamp on.

I used a couple of stamps that were solid and then a couple that had a whole nail design with some detail.

Julep Jill
 As you can see, the whale and mermaid stamped pretty well. The whale had just a bit that had a hard time sticking in the center but I know if I redid it, it would be perfect.
The seashell all over design came out good overall, there were a couple spots where the polish didn't transfer but nothing really noticeably.
The bamboo design I tried on the pinky was a big fail. It just didn't want to stick in that center bit and I tried it twice.

Overall I think that as long as using solid images that this type of texture can be stamped on. Im sure the others would be good too but....I can lose my patience quick with stamping so I'm gonna stick with solid ones. :-)

See ya next time,

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Green and White Girafffe!

Hey Everyone!
Happy Thursday!

My super awesome friend Brandi makes these fabulous hair bands that she calls Sassy B Bands! 
These suckers are great.
 Not only are they in cute patterns but they do not slip....like not at all.
Click here to visit her Etsy shop.
She does custom stuff too so feel free to drop her a line of what you are looking for!

I was inspired by my three Sassy B Bands and  I had to do some corresponding nail designs.
The first one I have to show you is of the green and white giraffe print

 Matches pretty darn good right?

 Konad Special Stamping Polish in White
Julep Mackenzie

Bundle Monster BM-313

Thank you so much for taking time to stop by and keep a look out for the other designs!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box Arrived!

Hey Guys!
Happy Wednesday!
My mystery box arrived!

 So as you can see I got a nail file and toe seperator thingies as a bonus gift.
So as the description says, we are going to get one of the new Seal Salt Finish polishes in this box. There were three colors and I really was good with any color I was gonna get and I have zero textured polishes so I was excited to try one out. 

And for polishes:
I got three dupes in this box. One was  Vivienne but  I really like so that was not as disappointing. Another dupe was the Matte Top Coat which ehhhhh.....and the third was Simone. To be honest.....I didn't even realize I already had Simone till I went to put on my racks. LOL

 From top to bottom:
Descriptions from Julep site:

Vivien: "'Champagne bubbles'- a full coverage multi-dimensional gold glitter"
Jill: "Smoked beige Sea Salt Finish"
Claudette: "Smoky brick red crème"
Simone: "Soft pastel lilac opalescent shimmer"
Matte Top Coat: "Apply to create an ultimate matte suede finish."

 Here is the way that Jill came out with the texture.
I applied one thin coat, waited for it to dry completely then applied another thin coat.
 I did not use a base coat with this. 
I wasn't sure how I would like the textured feel and look but....I gotta say that I'm kinda digging it.
You know I'm gonna try stamping over this too...Ill keep you updated on that.

Alrighty guys that is all for today but thank you for taking time to stop by and
 I hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Julep Maven April It Girl Box

Hey Guys!
I know this is like uber late but I got my box super late this year. 
So I had moved and.....yeah....I forgot to update my credit card info so my box got shipped out late. 
Boo Cher!

Ok...on with the box!

 How cute is this box and what is that?....Yes they gave us rock candy! 
It was destroyed moments after pic was taken. 
Yummy watermelon!

 The theme for this month is Turn on the Brights!
Ya'll know I am from New Orleans and is it just me but do these colors just ooze Mardi Gras?!?!?!
Love it!
 From Top to Bottom:
Descriptions from Julep site:

Eden: "Bright violet crème"
Mackenzie: "Sour apple green frost"
Abbie: "Sunshine yellow crème"

I hope you enjoyed this bright loveliness everyone!
See ya next time!

China Glaze Hologlam Birthday Present

Hey Everyone,
I know it has been a while and  my excuse is because I returned back to work after my accident last week. I promise I will be better with posting in a more regular fashion......I'll try. :)

One of my presents for my birthday was the China Glaze Hologlam Collection.
Alot of people who had the OMG collection have been disappointed with the holo in these not being strong but for someone like me who have not had the OMG....they are pretty nice. 

I feel needless to say but this post will definitely be picture heavy!

Dont Be a Luna-tic

Strap on Your Moonboots

When Stars Collide


Take a Trek

Sci-Fly By

Infra Red

Not in This Galaxy

Get Outta My Space

Cosmic Dust

Astro - Hot

Galactic Gray

I really love the unique colors in this collection. I do wish though there were less blues and pinks and a few more greens and maybe a red. 

Loving the grays a ton! Especially Galactic Gray. I love how the holo shows on it.

Alrighty guys that is it for today. I could have gone through detail of each and every color but....I know I get bored when I read those. You have eye balls and don't need me to tell you that Gallactic Gray is dark gray. LOL

Thank you so much for stopping by and let me know which are your faves! 
See ya later!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Julep Sarah and Winstonia W110 Stamping

Hey Everyone!
Happy Monday!

I had to show off the other beauty from the Julep Maven Spring Mystery Box.

This is Sarah and she is a sheer pink/coral with iridescent glitter. She is not available from the website for purchase anymore. 

 I had to put four coats to be able to get this opacity.

 Also keep in mind that due to this glitter, i did use two coats of topcoat to create a smooth finish.

 I of course could not leave it plain. I reached for my new Winstonia plates. I went with these sweet flowers and stamped them white.

 Winstonia W110
Konad White Stamping Polish
Julep Sarah
Julep Fast Drying Top Coat

Finally my April box has shipped out plus the Sea Salt Mystery Box so look out for those posts soon!
Thank you all for visiting!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ipsy April Glam Bag

Happy Saturday!

I decided to try the Ipsy subscription service after watching a few months of their bags. They used to be called Glam Bag and people were getting upset about the not great samples.
They returned this past summer and so far people seem to be happy.

It comes in this super cute pink metallic bubble mailer.
You get a travel makeup bag and 4-5 nice size samples for $10.

Like other bags there is a card that talks about the products and this month is Pretty in Pink.
The OUtside of bag is simple white a hot pink zipper.

The inside is super cute with white and pink stripes with the ipsy logo.

Here are the four items I received this month.

Be a ....Bombshell Blush in shade Sweet Cheeks
(Full Size)
Retail price is $16
The description from site:
Pale pink – A medium rosie pink with shimmer

Two Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadow in Heartache
 (Full Size)
Retail price is $6.99
 Description from site:
blush pink suited for all skin tones & complexions in two finishes. the shimmer side is fabulous for highlighting the brow bone, tear duct or cheeks adding a little twist to the traditional highlighting colors. the matte side is great for blending or even on the go as a blush. both finishes are amazing for all over the lid color, blend well with neutral eye makeup and it's paraben-free!

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal
Deluxe Sample Size .85 oz cost is $4.04
Full size price is $19.99 for 4.2 ounces
Description from site:
SOY RENEWAL is a nourishing styling treatment made with Moroccan Argan Oil that addresses moisture, frizz, smoothness, elasticity and shine concerns. Also protects from environmental stresses and reduces drying time.

Sation Nail Laquer  Of Corset I'll Call You
from the
Miss Antoinette 2013 Collection
(Full Size)
Retail Price is $3.50

 This is my first Sation and I'm excited to try it out. Seems at first glance i=to be a little sheer but it is a nice pink shade.

The value of this months bag is $30.53! 
That seems pretty good since the cost of the bag is $10.

Can't wait to see what will come in future months!

Till next time, have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by!