Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Polish Racks!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

I'm too super stoked!
My dad built me new polish racks out of wood and not my styro board ones.
Forgive me for the quality of the pics, my iphone camera is working sometimes and other times...not so much. I get my new iPhone 5 on Monday so hopefully will see an improvement.

I was getting frustrated cause I was needing to re glue and the weight of the polishes were making some of the shelves sag.
Not a problem anymore!!

 I decided to not put a back on and just use the wall as the "back"

This is my Foils, Klean Color, Julep, treatments and stamping polish rack

 I also did not put in fronts on them except for two in the bottom of this one since I wanted my skinny Julep polishes to stand up.

 This rack is mostly OPI with all the other brands.

This third one is solely for my fave brand.......China Glaze.
I'm super happy with how they came out!

Hope you enjoy my new racks as much as I am!
If you want exact dimensions and supplies, let me know and I will post a how to.



  1. This is ridiculously impressive!

  2. Amazing :D Your dad has been really sweet, and those racks look quite professional :)

    1. Yeah it was super awesome of him to do for me!