Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Birthday Nails!

Happy Awesome April 12th, aka My Birthday!,

I have to do a job at a HH Gregg this morning so hopefully I was not premature in doing my mani but I couldn't have no polish on today!

I just went in collection and picked color that I was loving and then just a stamp that jumped out to me.

 I chose China Glaze Shower Together as my base color. I just love this teal blue color. I went to run out for the hubby and realized that matched the dice my friend Bre made me.
 I picked this design from the Cheeky Jumbo Plate B 
I felt it needed a little something something

So, I added black tips!
Thanks for visiting and have a great Thursday!



  1. These might just be my favorite! I'm loving the teal and black. And those are some very handsome dice! ;D

    1. Thanks Lady! Those dice are pretty badass!