Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bundle Monster Holiday Nail Stamp Collection

Happy Sunday!
Hope you're weekend has been great!
As are the Bundle Monster Holiday Nail Plate Collection.

Needless to say this post will be picture heavy since going to show you all 25 plates.
I really love the quality of the plates that Bundle Monster come out with and these designs are great!

SO.......Here we go:

 Awww ....Reindeer

 Yeeeaaahhhh Hannakah and a moustache for Movember

 The ornaments full design is cute as well as the wreath.

 All are so cute

 Love the celtic knots and the full image designs are so pretty. The one on right is so detailed!

 Drippy Eyeballs!

 Cute witch hat.

 Not gonna lie the hands on right are kinda freaky.

 Adorable bunny ears and the carrot and egg full nail design.

 Love the Egg full nail design on right.

 Love the pumpkin designs

Pilgrim hat and acorn are cute.

 I love that there are so many Turkey day designs.

 Fabulous New Years Design, gonna use those fireworks for 4th of July too. And how could I not love the Buddha guy.

 Beautiful Chinese New Years design, adore the lanterns and design on right!

 Love the "love" design.

 Awww...puppy love and swans!

 Animal print heart is adorable.

 Love all the designs...that cupcake is just the cutest design.

Love the candles and balloons!

 New baby....the stork is adorable.



 Cinco De Mayo
love the cactus

That eagle is bad ass and I really love all of these designs and cant wait to try out later!

Alright guys that is all the plates. If you would like to order a set for here to go straight to the page. They were 21.99 ad come with the blue protective film and do have a paper backing. 
Please comment below and tell me which are your faves!

Thank you all for stopping by and I will see you all next time!
Have a great rest of your weekend.

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