Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cheeky Jumbo Nail Art Plate: B, C and I

Good day,

Today I have for you the other three cheeky plates I had gotten. I am digging the images on these a lot more than the other ones. I got these off Amazon for the intro price of $19.99, I believe they are $24.95 now.

I did some testing with them and like the other three, they stamp extremely well. Like you can tell in the pics, they do scratch when I use the metal scraper but I really don't care about that since it is not messing up the actual image.

Plate B
 This has a bunch of circle designs which some people may find as repetitive but I love circle designs!

Plate C
This one has some really neat scroll like patterns and many show the reverse image to be used on opposite hand! Love it!

Plate I
I really like this one because of all the fun paisley designs! So freaking cute! 

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  1. I could not put link in post for some reason but here it is:

    1. Hi there! Can I buy your cheeky plate c? can't find it anywhere! pls message me at soohum at gmail thank you!!!