Monday, March 26, 2012

I Need Your Help!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I got in the mail today my order of Sticks and Stones by Cover Bands Lacquers from  Ninja Polish website. 
It is out of order right now but you can get on their email list like I did so they can tell you when they come back in stock!

I couldn't wait till I got this polish! I've loved it ever since since seeing Lynderella's version which is called Connect the Dots. She though has closed down her site because she didn't know how to handle people ripping off her creations. Since I couldn't get her version I decided to get this "knock off" one. 

I can not wait till Wednesday till I can put it on. Why am I waiting till Wednesday you ask? I would die if, cause of my work, it chipped and ruined this manicure. This polish deserves to not put ripping at price labels all day.

Here is my problem, what base color should I use?

I love me some China Glaze!! My favorite brand!

China Glaze  Pink Voltage (Neon) Super bright neon pink!

 China Glaze Papaya Punch ( It is a little but more orange than showing in picture)
China Glaze Starboard 

China Glaze Shower Together 

China Glaze Spontaneous

I'm leaving it up to you guys to help me decide which one to choose. Whatever one gets the most votes will be the one I will do a mani of on Wednesday!

Thank you for visiting and 
have a great Monday lovelies!



  1. PINK PINK PINK btw this is the brand I use aswell! infact i have most of these colors ;)

    1. I knew I loved ya for a reason Brandi! Most of my polishes are China Glaze. OPI is my second most.

    2. Pink or Blue! I can't choose they both would look sooo good!!

  2. I like all of them. I think the pink will really make it pop though. Very pretty colors!

  3. I agree with the ladies,I vote for Pink.