Thursday, March 8, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games Extravaganza!

Happy Beautiful Thursday!

As promised, here are the swatches of the fabulous 
China Glaze Hunger Games Collection, Capitol Colours.

Hello Lovelies!

I put all my swatches on nails then glue to a coffee stirrer so that I can write the name of the brand and color on the stick.

On these swatches, I put the Luxe and Lush on the tips of the nails to see what that would look like for each color. I'm so glad I did because there are a couple that have become my faves because of the addition of the flakie.

Onto the swatches:

Luxe and Lush

Inspired by: District 1 and The Capitol (Luxury)

This is not just a flakkie but a uber chunky flakie. I absolutely LOVE it! I will say that it needs a couple coats of topcoat in order to smooth it out. It does also hang over a little on the edge so I need to be careful of wrangling them in and flat.

Stone Cold

Inspired by: District 2 (Masonry)

It is the only matte in the collection which is a great surprise.
 I really dig a matte but I think it looks just as awesome with a topcoat on it. 


Inspired by: District 3 (Technology and Mechanics)

Very striking shimmery orange jelly.

My hubby chose for this to be the first one I wear. Of course I had to put the Luxe and Lush over it. Girl needs to have some sparkle. ;-)

This orange stained my nails horribly! I did but a base coat on put when I removed it looked like I had just eaten cheetos! Ahhhh!!

Hook and Line

Metallic Pewter
This was one that I thought nice but nothing exciting.....until I put on the flakkie. Completely changes it and adds such a awesomeness to the color.

Inspired by: District 4 (Fishing)
 It does the same with the creme colors in the collection. Just added a wow factor to them.


 Inspired by: District 5 (Power)
Red and Gold Glitter

Fast Track

Inspired by: District 6 (Transportation)

Very pretty taupe that has a slight gold shimmer

Mahogany Magic

Inspired by: District 7 (Lumber)

Milk Chocolate Creme

Dress Me-Up

Inspired by: District 8 (Textiles)
A pretty mauve/rose creme
Can we say "Primrose" inspired?

Harvest Moon

Inspired by: District 9 (Grain)

A foil metallic of a orangey brown bronze.

Foie Gras

Inspired by: District 10 (Livestock)
A creme that is a grey with a hint of purple.
 Its a tad darker in the shade. This pic is not showing the purple as much.
Its a rich looking color.


Inspired by: District 11 (Agriculture)

 A olive green metallic with gold shimmer.
This is the main reason I wanted the collection.
 I Adore this green!

Smoke and Ashes

Inspired by: District 12 (Coal Mining)

This is a black with the finest blueish green glitter.
This is really pretty in person to see the flecks of glitter in it!

 I hope you all enjoyed seeing these swatches. 

I would love to hear what is your favorites out of the bunch!


  1. I loooove the Agro too! Its very military and super pretty at the same time!

  2. I love Stone Cold, Smoke and Ashes, Agro, and Dress Me Up!

    HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!

  3. I like District 1 and 5 best.

  4. I cant decide my favorite 2,8,11,12...i think 11
    cant wait for the 23rd!!!!

    1. Yeeaahh, all my ladies are picking Agro!

      Come in 23rd!!!

  5. The Smoke and Ashes w/ the flakes is gorgeous!

    1. It really brings out the rainbow aspect of the flakie. I love how it looks different on every one!