Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cheeky Plates Testing

Happy Tuesday!

Here is some of the testing I've done with the new Cheeky Jumbo Plates. 

The base colors I used are from the OPI Holland Collection. 

The plates stamped extremely well for being a "faux"nad style stamp plates. 

I used Sally Hansen Insta Dry Silver Sweep for all the stamping. 

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes 
Cool Celtic Design I was talking about in previous post.

I Have a Herring Problem
Didn't even realize I used the Herringbone stamp with this polish. 
Too Funny

 Dutch'Ya Just Love OPI!
Stamp kinds looks like gears, IMO.

 Wooden Shoe Like To Know
Multi Shaped Bubble Stamp

Thanks a Windmillion
I really like this basket weave stamp.

I had ZERO issues with these stamps picking up an image or transferring them to the nail. 

The plates do scratch easy so if you worry about that, use the plastic scraper. I personally do not care if it scratches since it does not scratch or affect the image in any way.

Clean up was no different on these larger plates than any of my other round ones. :-)

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow when I post some pictures of the BEAUTIFUL Hunger Games collection!!



  1. those are some pretty ones. I think I am going to just let you pick what goes on :)

  2. I actually have another set of 3 that I haven't tested yet but have some even more cute designs!