Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ulta Nail Lacquer


Today I went to Ulta to use my Rewards Certificate and for part of my rewards, I of course got some polishes. I went to checkout thinking I was only getting 2 but the cashier said that they were buy 1 get 1 free and she thought I could still get it with my rewards. polish take went from 2 to 4!!

Here are the lovelies I got today:
 Indigo- Go Girl
Pretty blue glitter with large and fine glitter
This swatch was three coats to get opaque.

 Set the Nude
Pretty Creme Nude
Two coats applied in swatch

Chocolate Kisses
Brown Shimmer with hints of red when in the light.
I applied 2 coats for this swatch

Metallic green with shimmers of blue and yellow in it.
This swatch was 3 coats.

Off now to create my St.Patty's nails!

Have a great night and thanks for reading!


  1. I really like Jaded! Good deals!

    1. Thanks! I was stoked that the cashier thought of that and tried to see if I could get them! Love her!

  2. I like three out of four! Nude didn't work for me.
    Great deal

  3. I got the nude cause I saw some awesome looking ruffian manicures where the nude was on bottom and most of nail was a red. It was really pretty. I also would rather get a nude for free than buying it. Lol

  4. Just picture a half moon manicure with that. It will be such a 1930's throwback. I'm totally gonna do that after St. Pattys!