Friday, March 2, 2012

New Outlet

Ive decided to start a blog for my friends who like to see my nail obsession but that would be separate from Facebook. I wish I could put more pics of swatches and process of designs but do not want to bombard people who could care less about nail stuff. Here is my place to share my pun in my blog title? Hehehe.....Thanks Lacey for the approval on it.

I was inspired by my friend Andrea who does some great nail art and is a all around awesome person. Check out her Youtube channel:

My hubby had bought a video camera for me to film videos but that freaks me out right now so I will test waters with this.

I love anything nail related so I plan on putting up swatches, designs, products I buy or make that relate to the wonderful world of nails.

I though will not let this give me extra anxiety or stress like I've seen from other bloggers post. Right off bat, if I feel someone is being negative or mean, don't bother posting here cause this is not the place for it. This is a place for me to escape and meet other cool nail people if anyone starts to follow

Thanks and enjoy!