Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patty's Nails

Happy Friday Everyone!

Here in Savannah, the whole city is gearing up for the biggest holiday of the year, St. Patrick's Day!
Savannah has the 2nd largest St. Patty's Day celebration in the United States  after New York City!

So to celebrate, I have for you my manicure to celebrate this day of merriment!

This really took all my patience when it came to a couple of these designs. I was working on this last night and finally finished this morning!

I used a bunch of different techniques for this manicure, stamping, nail art tape,water marbling,crackle finish and taping.


On both  I used a background of China Glaze Paper Chasing. 
I stamped the lips with Bundle Monster BM03 using Konad special polish in Red. 

On the other thumb, I taped off the nail to make the Ireland flag. I painted the whole nail green, taped off and added white to 3/4 of nail, once dried I taped again and painted the top with the orange.
 I couldn't find my plain white so I used my Konad polish in white. 

The orange is China Glaze Breakin'

I used a dotting tool to write out the words on both fingers. 


The background is once again CG Paper chasing and I used some gold nail art striping tape. Not totally even but this was my first time using it and my finger curves in so will always look a little off. LOL


I used the water marbling technique for this nail.
I did a base of a light green, China Glaze Entourage. 
For the marbling I used CG Paper Chasing, Lighthouse and Holly-Day

I then stamped the clover with Wet and Wild Black Creme. I used my M71 plate. I think I got it from the Born Pretty Store when they were offering the free Hello Kitty Plate. Maybe.


The background is......can you guess it by now.......CG Paper Chasing!
I stamped using Wet and Wild Black Creme and the Bundle Monster BM03 plate

Do I really need to say it again....background is CG Paper Chasing.
All I did for this one was using OPI Gold Shatter Crackle Finish.

I hope you guys enjoyed this manicure and I hope you all have a safe and great St. Patty's Day!

Thank you for visiting,


  1. I like the marbled effect. Very pretty! And the CG Paper Chasing is a lovely shade of green. Vera nice!

  2. I actually had something different last night. I had done a french manicure with that glittery gold as the tip and then added the clover stamp. I woke up and it just wasn't exciting so I decided to change it. I had to do the flag like three times to get it somewhat ok. i have a little orange that drug in the white and the top coat made it a tinge yellow but I'm not doing again. Im over doing that stinking flag! lol

  3. Omg so much fun!! Wish I was in town so I could bribe for pretty nails

    1. I could have done even better when not trying to do on myself. LOL

    2. a little late, but I love the middle finger!!! That marble thing is like erasable highlighters, it never ceases to amaze me! lol

    3. LOL, You're too erasable highlighters!