Monday, March 19, 2012

Half Moon Manicure

Happy Monday!

I wanted to use my new Ulta Set it Nude polish I posted about a couple days ago.
 It was just screaming to be used in a half moon manicure.
 It just had such a retro vibe about it. 
I think it came out alright for my first time doing one. 
You need to know that I am insanely picky and it annoys me that the lines and not perfect.

 I started off with two coats of the Ulta Set it Nude.
I did add  a coat of Seche Vite in order to speed the drying time.

 I used reinforcement labels in order to create the moon shape at the base of my nail.
I actually reused each circle. I just turned the circle around to use on the other hand. I have also seen people cut them in half but I got lazy. :-)

 Ignore the index finger of China Glaze Agro, I was going to use this polish but I just didn't feel it once I saw it on. I felt I needed to go more to traditional with the red.
I actually put the tabs a little lower on the nail cause I felt it showed too much of the nude.
I suggest you play around with how much you like on yours.

I applied one thick coat of OPI Kenne-Bunk Port.
I worked one nail at a time. Once I painted on the red, I then immediately removed the reinforcement label. At times I do not think I had the tabs on totally secure cause I would have a little bleed through. 

Like I said earlier, I like the turnout but I think I'll try placing each tab one nail at a time as well to ensure that the tab is stuck on well.

Are there any combinations with the nude that you think would look good? I may try your suggestion the next time I do it. 


  1. I likes it! I might have to try this out if I ever get around to actually painting my nails...

  2. It needs more! How about a flower in the nude at the top of the red

  3. I loove it! I think its perfect! I love both of those colors and you know I love the retro!!

    1. I figured you for sure would dig them.