Friday, March 2, 2012

Cheeky Jumbo Nail Art Plates

Today I got the new 2012 jumbo nail plates by Cheeky off amazon.

I had gotten them at the introductory price of $19.99, they are now $24.99.   They are not as big as I was picturing them to be but they are bigger than my other little round plates so I guess jumbo.

It is a set of three and all have a great sturdy backing.

Plate A: this one has a duplicate image and a bunch that look very similar but I overall like the images here.

Plate D: Another full nail image plate. I'm really digging the celtic looking one on the third row, third spot.

There are a couple on this plate that makes you wonder...Really?!?!?!

Plate E: I'm not really into this plate but I normally don't like ones like these regardless. There are also reverse images in order to look good on your other hand. Maybe I'll start to like when i try them out.

I'll do some playing tomorrow plus attempt to make my nail polish rack from foam board.
Fingers crossed!

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