Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Floral

Welcome Back! It's Tuesday but also my Saturday!

I've been trying hard not to admit that summer is gone but it is time to start dabbling in the more fall colors.
 I surprised myself with how much I liked this combo. 


I had done a post awhile back where i tested out my new DRK-B plate and found the images were not as crisp as I hoped. Adriana from 
 commented on that post with some great tips when using their tips.
Her tip of scraping a few more times than normal and even blowing on the image while on the stamper helped out tremendously!
Thank you Adriana!

 Konad Special Nail Polish in Red
China Glaze Elephant Walk

Can't wait to try other designs now from this stamping plate!

Thanks as always for visiting!

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