Saturday, September 1, 2012

September It Girl Julep Maven Box!

Oh My Goodness, 
I can not believe it is already September! I feel like it was just yesterday 
that I moved down here to Mississippi!

We also just went through Hurricane Isaac and we did sustain a total loss of our Tahoe as well as probably our motorcycles but the most important thing is that my hubby, pup and myself are all safe and sound. 
Here are a couple of pics from the harbor area I took when we got back.

It is just crazy to see boats up in the parking lot!

On to the Fun Stuff!

Today I have for you the Sept. Julep Maven Box and it is totally welcoming in Fall. I'm not quite sure I'm prepared for fall to already be here but these colors are yummy!
 How cute and retro is this box!

 Dang Straight Yves Saint Laurent

 To all the fashion peeps out there...I'm sorry but this looks creepy. Not sure the purpose cause its not on paper but has a rubber material on the back. 

 Such cute polka dots!

And the colors. I will first put the description as Julep states description.
Going from Top to Bottom:
Alma: "Retro dijon yellow creme.".........Looks like mushed peas for a baby food.
 But in a totally awesome way.
Otte: "rich camel neutral crème"........really beautiful Cafe Latte Neutral
 Delaunay: "chili pepper red crème" is a classic rich red.

Did you notice the Trina Trunk logo on the cap! I was stoked to find that it was actually on the cap and not just on the wrapper.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this month's box as much as I did! I'm really loving the retro feel of it. What do you think of the color combos?

Thank you all so much for stopping by and
 I hope you all have a fantabulous Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Ok, just realized I had a blonde moment and feel silly. That thing is a magnet, maybe I'll put on my fridge to scare me from eating snacks at night. Lol