Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Husband's Choice!

                                                          Happy Hump Day!
                       It is my Saturday so I'm going to relax do some nails and I really need to go get my new drivers license. I've been living in Mississippi for nearly 6 months and still haven't. I hate the DMV!
                       As you know I have a Julep Maven subscription and while I was looking at my box choices my hubby went...... Ooohhhhh at one of the boxes. So for the first time I'm gonna change my box choice from "It Girl" to "American Beauty". I don't have a orange crackle so I think it will be a fun change. If not.... You know who I'm blaming. Lol
He also talked me into the add ins of Sofia and Gwyneth. These are the glow in the dark and sheer pink one.
                         I love that he truly supports my love of polish and nail art!

I'm writing this from my warm comfy bed but time to get this day started! Have a Fabulous Day!!

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