Thursday, September 27, 2012

Morning of Nail Fail!

Happy Thursday!

Have you ever started a day of painting and just nothing goes right? Especially if you start off bad.

Today I wanted to do some Halloween stuff and 
I wanted to do some 
Shaun of the Dead nail art.

I love this movie, so thought I would do Shaun and ED's shirts and bloody nail to write the movie title with a zombie hand on top  and then try to do a cricket bat and shovel.
Yeah, writing is not a strength and neither is drawing. lol

I'm embarrassed to put pic up but I knew there would be others that get me when you have those days. I think the only one I like of is Shaun's shirt.

Then after this I tried doing some watermarble and the dang crap would not spread right and give me consistent designs.
Stupid middle two fingers!

I mean I'm digging the thumb, index and even the pinkie but it just would not cooperate for the others.

So the I decided to go to stamping. Yes stamping can be a pain at times but generally works. 
Not today and my camera wouldn't focus right so even the pics of the decent ones didn't come out.
I think I'm gonna take a break and revisit tonight!

Thanks for listening to my rant and pissiness!

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