Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bundle Monster Sneak Peak Part 3

Hey Party People!

  Bundle Monster is killing me. I freaking can't wait to get these stamp plates.
It seems like they really listened to their fans on what kind of stamps to add to this collection.

How cute are these Halloween ones.
Little devils!

Loving the key and of course the adorable bee. 
Really digging the faux gradient stamp even though I'm a pretty good at gradient stamping.
What could that one on the left be? Fur??

I can't wait till tomorrow when I will get to do some painting after I finish a reset at work!

We are unpacking on Saturday so I should be able to set up my nail station that night or Sunday at latest! I can't wait to have everything out and organized!

Have a great night everyone and thanks for visiting!



  1. Those are sooooo cute I love them!! I want photos of your nail station once it is set up! I love that you love organizing as much as I do!!

    1. You know for sure I will take plenty of pics. With your help I get to be super organized!