Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yet Another Bundle Monster Tease

Happy Sunday!

Bundle Monster is just killing me with their teasers for the new set of nail stamps.
I am utterly in love with the kitchen/veggie one on the left!
 I hope they have single veggies also so can use this as an accent nail then put veggies on other nails!!

They put this pic up to show they worked out to get the plates near perfect for mass production. If you notice, one of them shows a cute little bee. 

Word is that they will be on sale late May/Early June!

They have not said if they will allow pre orders.

A follower asked if they would be awareness ribbons and they said we shall find out on next teaser picture!

Someone also asked if there would be a puzzle piece and they said yes!. That will be awesome to use for next years Autism Awareness Nails!

I hope you enjoyed these pics and are as excited as I am!


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