Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moving to Cali Nails

Happy Wednesday!

This post is long overdue but I was moving and just got everything situated and finally got to take some pics of the tools I used for this mani.

My friend Tiffany was moving back to her home state of California the same time I was moving here to Mississippi.  We would always have girl days/nights where we'd watch some 
cheesy show or movie and I'd give her a mani. 

One our last night to hang, I of course did her nails. The only stipulation was that I got to do whatever I wanted and that she would allow rhinestones! :-)
We decided it needed to be beachy and fun to represent her new adventure of moving back across the country.

 Here it is. Cute palm trees with accent ocean waves!

For the beach gradient I used:
Blue Sky: China Glaze Caribbean Blue
Seafoamy Green/Blue:  China Glaze For Audrey
Sand:  China Glaze Fast Track

I first applied the Fast track as a base, since it was the lightest, and then used a makeup sponge to apply the gradient.
As you can see on the picture, I painted the three colors onto the sponge and then applied to nail. I would continue to ponce the sponge until I liked the level of blending that was going on.

I used the Konad M29 plate for the palm tree.

 I stamped using the Konad special polish in Green and OPI Espresso Your Style.

Palm Tree Nail

To add a little something, we used two gold rhinestones for coconuts. 
Yes, we probably should have used some micro beads to make more true to size but rhinestones are more awesome!

On the wave nails I painted a base of the Caribbean blue then used this wave pattern on the Cheeky Jumbo Plate B. I used the Konad Special Polish in White for the stamping.

We originally were going to do water marbling for it but for some reason, every time we did it, we got a completely different result and the nails would look nothing like each other. We saved our remaining sanity and went with the stamp.

I think they came out great and were a great send off to
my awesome friend
 who I miss so incredibly much! 
Love ya Tiffany!

P.S. Check out our crazy setup  he had since she had no furniture cause movers had come that day. We had really grand plans for these nails and alot didn't turn out how we wanted so there was a lot of testing and retesting. LOL

I hope you all also enjoyed these and thank you as always for visiting!