Sunday, May 13, 2012

Polishes are in the Racks People!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!

I was doing some unpacking and decided to take a break and set up the racks for my polish!

Here it is!

I had made the racks different so that's why they look different. 
All the polish and nail treatments are on here.
I'm gonna go get some dollar store baskets to put under the pic to hold the tools and removers

 I saw this on Pinterest and my wonderful Dad painted it for me!

On this rack I have mostly OPI on bottom closer to desk. At very top is my polishes that I don't use as often then I have my more unique ones in middle. I have some more Zoya's coming so thats why I left that gap on the fourth shelf.

This is all my China Glaze and then I put the stamping/nail art polishes, and treatments on the bottom two shelves!

I'm pretty stoked to finally get out of the boxes and bags that I had them in before.

Have a great rest of your Mother's Day!
Thank you for visiting!

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  1. OOOHHHH It is beautiful. Your organizational skills blow me away!! lol LOVE IT!!