Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monarch Butterfly Mani

Greetings All,

I am a Pinterest addict and just fell in love with a gradient with a couple of beautiful Zoya colors. 
I thought it would make a great base to do a monarch design on top of.

Here is the lineup:
Base Coat: Nail Life Gripper
Red:    Zoya Sookie
Orange: Zoya Arizona
Black: Wet and Wild Black Creme
White: Sally Hansen White On
Top Coat: Seche Vite

Red:    Zoya Sookie
Orange: Zoya Arizona

I used my regular gradient method of using a makeup sponge to apply on the colors.
I first painted a base coat of Arizona since it was the lighter of the two.

 Did not bother to clean up since still have to do design.

 To do the lines I used one of my nail art brushes. I altered one of them to make easier for me to use.
The brush with two on it had bristles that were same length as the #3 one but I just felt I didn't have much control. I used a cuticle scissor to trim it down to a length that made it easier.

I then used my smallest dotting tool to make the spots on the wings.
I thought I got these from Bundle Monster but I must not have but I found a set on Ebay for my sister for $1.89 with free shipping from China. 
Awesome Deal!

I think they came out pretty cute. 
Can't wait to try with other colored gradients to improve my free hand painting skills!

Thank you for visiting and I hope your Sunday is Awesome!