Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cos Bar for Target

Happy Saturday!

I've got a quick one for you tonight.

Wanted to show ya'll a couple of polishes I picked up from the Cos Bar for Target collection. These are part of a limited run called  The Shops at Target.

Cos Bar is a cosmetics shop in Aspen Colorado.
 I had never heard of them before 
this so I wanted to try it out.

I only tried out two of the four colors since the purple and copper were not doing anything for me.

 I gotta say the names are not very inventive but I was enjoying the colors.

 Lime Green
This took three coats to get semi opaque. When I use on my own nails, I have a feling I would be putting a fourth on.

This had great application and was two thin coats. 
I just thought this was a nice shimmery brown.

The polishes are $3 and can be found at Target till June16th.

Thank you as always,


  1. Love the gold!! How do they hold on your nails??

  2. I haven't technically used them yet. Just used to put on my swatch stick but I will let ya know when I do.