Monday, May 7, 2012

Shame on you Layla

Happy Monday All,

Little bummed because my mani did not even make it 24 hours before chipping!

Part of me thinks that having to buff it to that insane shine may hurt the polish from getting a good grip onto the nail. 

It is beyond worse right now since, god forbid, i did some cleaning around the house.

Do you think the husband will be cool with, Honey, I can't clean up and unpack around the house cause my polish will chip. :-( 

Knowing my awesome guy....he would say ok. LOL

Have a great rest of your Monday!



  1. lol Welcome to my world I have just given up on painting my nails. Now I just drool over all your pretty designs and polishes!

    1. Its killing me to not be painting and stamping as much as I did but I seriously have no room with the move and feel overwhelmed by boxes!