Sunday, May 6, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect

Hey All,
Sorry it has been a while since there has been a post. I have moved from Savannah GA to Gulfcoast of Mississippi so needless to say, its been a little crazy in my world.

I can't wait to get everything unpacked and to be able to set up my nail station! All my nail stuff is still in trunk of my car but I took a trip to Ulta yesterday and saw the collection of Layla Holo's and I just had to have a couple.

The one I chose to wear first was the silver one called Mercury Twilight.

I'm stoked because these are the first Holos I've ever had. 
I did learn a few things from it and hopefully will help if you decide to pick up a couple of these beauties.

I had read that to get the best results with holo's that to use the file. Someone I read said you can use any file that has a buffer on it but I gotta say, the buffer on the Layla file makes your nails crazy shiny! Like you just put a top coat on shiny. I wish I took a pic of before and after to show. 
I will next time, promise.

I included a bunch of pics so enjoy this holo goodness!

 This was taken indoors, how awesome is that holo!
Just imagine what it will look like in sun.

It is overcast so couldn't get a sun pic. :-(

 This is with three coats applied.  The application is a little streaky.
 I read it is even worse if do not use the file.

 This is what happened when I put a coat of Seche Vite on.
It cut out most of the holo and I was able to see the streaks in it.
I had put a top coat on because some have said they had bad chipping 
after just a couple of hours of wearing.

After about a half hour, more of the holo started to show through 
but not nearly how it was without a top coat.

When I use the Ocean Rush color I also got, I will leave it without a top coat.

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of your weekend.
Thank you for visiting!



  1. These nails remind me of that Disney movie about the girl that lived on the space station something like Zenon I can't remember lol But awesome effect I love it!

    1. I have no idea of the movie but it was a awesome look. Just wish it would have better staying power. Ive got a blue one too to show. :-)