Friday, May 25, 2012

Zoya Beach Collection (minus Tracie)

TGIF Everyone!

I fell in love online with the new Zoya Beach collection so I had to get it with one exception.....Tracie.

The reason I loved the Beach part of the summer collection was it was cremes. I have found a new love in creme's that wasn't there before. a shimmer! What is it doing there? Why a shimmer in all cremes? It would have made a beautiful creme color. Grrrrr......

Well onto the other 5 lovelies:

Shleby: Its a bubble gum pink but not leaning on the pastel side.

       Wednesday: Awesome turquoise but not your typical bright type. The Zoya description kinda nails it by  saying it's a "Faded, dirty medium turquoise."

Lara: Typical Barbie pink

     Reagan: It is a deep fushia/raspberry. Very gorgeous color.

Arizona: A bright but not crazy bright citrus orange color. Super Fun

The formula was a little thick for my liking and you will see in the nail art I do with these that I actually used a little thinner to make them work how I wanted.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and
Thank you for visiting!


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